You get from us a complete and fully automated store without investing in inventory – the dropshipping model

Our service may become your additional or basic source of income. Your success is our priority

Working with us, you don’t need any knowledge about creating and running an online store!

About Us

We are a dynamically developing company, we follow the latest trends on the e-commerce market, we have 4 years of experience in the drop-shipping industry.

At the moment we are the only one company that offers the creation of a ready business, which is an online dropshipping shop + marketing in one package.

We have created hundreds of stores and thousands of advertising campaigns for our clients. We have the best knowledge of internet marketing

Thanks to many years of experience and the tools we have, we are able to create and successively develop your e-commerce business.

Our clients' opinions

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Five steps to success.

Place your order

Choose a package Is it just the store that you need? Or would you rather have comprehensive services? The decision rests with you

We will discuss all the details

Your account manager will contact you to discuss all the details, such as the product niche, graphics and operation of your store

Getting started

Your store will be fully operational within 72 hours from the start of our team’s work

Take it over

We will send you the login details by e-mail, and your account manager will ask you about your preferred form of contact.

Time to start marketing

The obvious purpose of running a store is to sell goods; at this step we begin the journey towards systematic sales.

How does it work?

Our Services
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    Bag Niche Store

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    Custom Premium Dropshipping Store

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    Drone Niche Store

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    Fitness products Niche Store

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    Health and Beauty Niche Store

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    Home Decor Niche Store

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What makes the dropshipping store the perfect business?

You don’t need to invest huge amounts up front.

Dropshipping makes it extremely easy to start selling online. With zero investment in inventory, you can offer your customers an unlimited product range

You need no experience whatsoever

We take care of everything, that’s our job. We want people to open up to such online investment methods as a dropshipping store. E-commerce is developing incredibly fast, and working with us you can gain a very good position within it.


Within the dropshipping model, products are shipped by the supplier: this way, so you don’t have to worry about logistics, which means that you can run your business from anywhere.

Data and facts

The total value of the e-commerce market in 2018 was USD 1.78 BILLION. True, the amount is unimaginable amount – and yet this is exactly how much money people spent shopping online Compared to the previous year, this was an increase by as much as 14%. Already this year, more people use the Internet than watch TV, which offers a huge opportunity to develop an online store.

Clients results

Our goal is

We want to change the way people think how to do business.

Nowadays the most popular type of new business is to buy some real estate for rent or franchising (e.g, grocery shops). The point is, this requires relatively large investments but you still keep limiting your business to comparatively small area. This is completely different than dropshipping online store model. Just imagine that your customers are everywhere and they can visit your store and buy your products anywhere on earth. And what is also important you basically don’t have to worry about stock and delivery. Our ads can reach a huge number of people, our optimization of advertising can make your business growing and increase sales with almost no limits. It is really the best way to do business, isn’t it?

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No. You pay only once, and there are no additional charges.

Some of our clients generate a turnover of up to 20 thousand dollars/month on the store created and advertised by our company. Please note that the final income from a well-developed store is about 40% of the turnover (minus taxes and any other costs).

Depending on the package you choose, you will get you will get from 1 to 10 winning products with fully customized, professional description we create.  However, please note that we can integrate you with the supplier and import an unlimited range of products (without description) to your store for you free of charge at any time. If you want us to additionally create descriptions for the “extra” products in excess of what is included in the package, the cost of creating a description is about $20-30 per product.

Yes. Buying the advanced or premium package, you will get 3 product niche suggestions, selected with advanced tools and basing on our 3 years of e-commerce experience.

You will get the product niche suggestions within 8 hours of purchase. Once you make your choice, your store will be fully operational within 72 hours.

Dropshipping is an e-commerce model where only the supplier is responsible for logistics.

Not at the very beginning. However, once your store generates regular sales, you will need to register as business operator. Please note that this information is not accounting advice. If in doubt, please consult persons/companies specializing in accounting.

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